Your Little Angel Deserves Nothing But The Best Babysitting

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Every mother of a newborn child establishes a kind of connect and relationship with her child, that makes her silently pledge, that no third person shall ever be permitted to take over the care of her precious jewel.

That is the way the Almighty has created mothers, and it is a matter not merely of the umbilical cord but the 9 months of togetherness and oneness that leads to such an unbreakable bond.

But, the travails of life, in general, and, more specifically, those of earning a living, lead to circumstances which compel the most loving mother to reluctantly look for a babysitter for her child.

Our Daily Bread:

The struggle to earn our daily bread is perhaps the commonest reason for experiencing a dearth of time to personally look after our very own child.

Whether you are a mother working the 9 to 5 daily grind or a work from home mother, there is not much option but to make a babysitting arrangement with a caregiver for the welfare of the child while you put your shoulder to the grindstone.

Missing Your Child:

The only difference is the duration of time for which you must be away from your child and the distance. Mothers who work from home have the comfort of knowing that they would be available in a jiffy in the case of an emergency.

For a working mother, the travel downtown means spending restless hours until she returns home. But, no mother need get into a sweat over the well-being of her child if she puts in place high-quality surrogate care arrangements.

Care Givers:

Work from home mothers must focus on creating a work-a-day schedule that enables them to earmark the hours of the day that they will be devoting to matters of commercial value. Of course, that may or may not be all the days of the week, and it most certainly will not be all the hours of the day.

Once the schedule is in place, the next thing is to look-out for a good babysitter. Nursery schools, your friends, your neighbours and your relatives are the first thought that comes to mind as a source of information for such an arrangement.

In a connected world, you also have the choice of exploring the internet for service providers with an impeccable track record who are equipped to provide such a service in your locality.

For a day long arrangement, your choice should be for nanny care simply because the scale of care and services to be provided would be substantially greater than what would be required for a few hours.

There would be meals to be prepared, served and perhaps fed to the child, lessons to be taught, medicines to be administered, the child to be entertained, the child to be driven to school or perhaps, even basketball practice, etc. Light housework may also be on your mind in a morning to evening arrangement.

Due Diligence:

The credentials of the caregiver must be beyond reproach whether you choose a babysitting arrangement or hire a nanny.

No mother can be too careful while checking out the track record of the service provider, the criteria that they prescribe for recruitment of caregivers, the personal history of the caregiver, the feedback from previous employers, the family background, et al.

Remember, that it is your innocent child who you are trusting to your hired caregiver.

Whether you opt for short duration caregiving or a nanny care arrangement for whole days, your caregiver should have the knowledge and skill to administer first aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and even more importantly, an awareness of activities that could prove hazardous depending on the age and general behaviour of the child. Your child deserves nothing but the very best. It is best to hire agencies like say who take utmost care before empanelling the nanny care providers or babysitters.

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