Winnie The Pooh Themed Parties

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Winnie the Pooh is one of the favorites as far as cartoon characters go. The golden bear holding a pot of honey as he bounds along his way has thrilled kids for generations and continues to do so. He is just so cuddly, huggable and lovable that not only kids but parents love him too. The Pooh theme is great for just about all kids and babies and baby showers too.

Most newborns tend to have Winnie the Pooh as one of their first stuffed animals. The difference between the golden bear and other cartoon characters is that you can either have a Pooh centric party or one with all of his friends, like Piglet the Pig, Eeyore the Donkey, Rabbit who is obviously a rabbit, Kanga and her baby Roo or even Tiger the lovable bouncing tiger, as the theme.

This theme, in fact, is really popular and has been around for decades. So, what this means is that, most of the party supplies that you will need would already be available. So you can get all types of decorations, desserts, beverage cups, napkins, table covers, plastic ware for the party etc. But if this is a kids' party then they have to be the ones who enjoy the party the most.

So some sort of entertainment has to be there. You can set up a movie that the kids that can enjoy. You can also give small replicas of the characters as return gifts. Sometimes you may also be able to find small stuffed toys which are cheap and make good return presents.

You can also take it a step further by having Pooh themed clothes. I'm pretty sure kids will love these clothes even after the party is over. There are Winnie the Pooh shaped balloons, plates, wall hangings and invitations. You can also get the same for The Pooh and his friends. Balloons and crepe paper come in every color to match your theme exactly.

The cookies and cake can also be shaped in the form of the lovable bear. Snacks can also be customized in the shape of the lovable bear. However all this might take time and some planning in advance. Often, when you are invited to one of these parties, there might not be a clear idea on what you can bring. Moreover you can always find a Pooh themed gifts which will be appreciated by the hostess. These could be blankets, nursery lamps, mobiles, linens, books and audio books, sleeper toys etc.

Moreover there are a number of options when it comes to games. You can have games for you're the Pooh Bear theme which include pin the bee on the honey pot, pin the tail on Eeyore or give Pooh his nose etc. With small kids you can also play hide the honey pot like a treasure hunt! Of course you have to include a prize for the winner. Another fun game is musical chairs to Winnie the Pooh's theme song music. How is that for fun?

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