Wide Ranging Strollers And Accessories From Mountain Buggy

Additional Information:

Mountain Buggy is one of the leading brands in manufacturing kids' products. Till date, it has produced many advantageous products for babies including carrycots, buggies, high-chairs and other accessories.

Mentioned below is a list of some of the popular items manufactured by the brand.

  • Strollers and prams: The strollers from the brand are unique in design and advantageous in uses. They are incorporated with so many useful features that you may not find in other strollers in market. The various strollers from the brand are furnished with the needs of travelling, urban areas, travel systems and duet style. You can check out online to find about the complex structure and beneficial design of the powerful strollers from the brand. Do not forget to check out the new Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle.
  • Storm cover: The PVC sleeve cover is designed to protect your baby in buggy from storm, wind and rain. The cover is durable; hard wearing, custom fit water resistant PVC, include space for air regulation, and easily opened plus closed with a zipper.
  • Sleeping bags: Uniquely designed sleeping bags from the brand are capable of keeping your babies warm in chilled weather. It consist a comfy plus warm fleece lining. The outer layer of the bag is made of nylon, plus you will find zipper attached in the front that helps in opening and closure to provide extra ventilation or for extra warmth.
  • Universal travel bag: A baby gear carry bag that helps you to travel safely in planes, automobiles and trains. It helps to carry the stroller, car seat or any baby gear of Mountain Buggy. It is incorporated with the features of modifiable size while providing lots of space. Attached with sturdy wheels and shoulder straps, this useful travel bag is supportive for transportation on ground or on your shoulders. Contains a Velcro fastening for complete safety. You can also keep it folded in a small bundle while not in use.
  • Cosmopolitan Bassinet: A comfy, durable and sustainable bassinet that is incorporated with extra room and depth than other carry cots from the brand. Attachable with cosmopolitan buggy and contains sun canopy for the protection from sun. The inner mattress is punched with holes to maintain the air flow and maintain the breathability. Great for posture support and give absolute comfort to your baby.

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