What You Need To Know When Custody Of A Child Is An Issue

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Custody of a Child And Visitation for Women After Divorce

First, there are a number of reasons women may need child custody strategies after a divorce is final. Personal or financial changes in a parent's life, planning to move to a new location, and the current arrangement not working for your child, are some of the most common reasons. Regardless of how long the custody agreement has been in effect, you can request a modification if you have a legitimate reason. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to show why a modification is in your child's best interests. This means it is about the child, not about yourself or your former spouse.

Custody of a child can also become an issue if one parent does not abide by the terms of the custody agreement. Some examples include the custodial parent making visitation difficult or impossible, or the noncustodial parent neglecting his visitation responsibilities. Some parents also attempt to turn a child against the other parent, interfering with his relationship with his other parent.

What Is the Best Approach For a Parent to Use In a Child Custody Dispute?

Whether you are facing a child custody dispute during your divorce, or need modifications afterward, the most important point to keep in mind is to show that your child is your priority. However, while most people know this, taking the right approach can result in the issue being resolved in your favor.

You can begin by thinking about what constitutes a child's best interests. It includes his physical and emotional health, safety, sense of security and stability, and his ability to grow. The best approach for gaining custody of a child is to show how you as a parent and your home environment are suitable to these goals.

Some factors to take into consideration include the child's everyday routine, how much time you can devote to him, how well you meet his everyday needs, and his general happiness. Show that you are consistent, kind, loving, and attentive. If you work outside the home, be prepared to show he is properly supervised and cared for in your absence.

A second part of an effective approach is showing how much you have to offer without attacking your ex-spouse. This includes both communicating with your children and how you communicate with your attorney. Unless your ex is truly neglectful or abusive, refrain from portraying him in a negative manner. Character-assassinations and lying must be avoided. These tactics will always backfire. While it shows you are not prepared for your children to have a loving, trusting relationship with their other parent, it also shows the court that you are vindictive and selfish. Instead, build yourself up as a good parent without trying to make him look bad.Remember, while a person may not be a good marriage partner, they can still be an excellent parent.

What Do Judges Look at When They Make Family Court Decisions?

In general, family court judges focus on a child's current and longterm needs. They want children to have a stable home environment with a loving parent, while emphasizing the noncustodial parent's role in his life.

However, while most judges today place children's wellbeing as the top priority, there are some who do not. Some judges still believe only a mother can provide proper daily care for children, while others minimize a mother's importance by focusing on fathers' rights.

This is why you should never approach custody of a child lightly, or attempt to modify an agreement without the assistance of an attorney. Only a legal professional can provide the advice and support you need to ensure a healthy, happy future for your youngster.

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