What You Must Consider When Selecting Designs For Baby Girl And Baby Boy Shower Invitations

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Parents welcome their kids with the best things planned. All kinds of things from the baby girl or baby boy shower invitations to the actual celebration when your child is born should be perfect. The invitations will serve as memorabilia you can use for your personal baby scrapbook after. That is why it must reflect the celebration while still looking elegant and unique.

There are several items you must look into when selecting and designing your baby shower or christening invitations. Browse through each one of them carefully to decide on the best one for your own child. A carefully chosen invitation captures the theme of every celebration while providing enough specifics about the celebration.


Are you planning to distribute print or digital electronic invitations? Many individuals still print out baby girl or baby boy shower invitations. These could work as a map for guests that are not really acquainted with your venue. They will also do double-duty, serving as your guests' meal stub at the reception if your celebration is a really large one.

Environmentally aware parents send digital electronic invitations as they save paper. They are also free, allowing you to save on printing expenses. Finally, you may send animated versions of your invite, to provide more details and choose larger sizes. The disadvantage is your invited guests will be unable to bring the invites and make use of them as reference enroute to the party. You'll need to send a separate map link which they can use as the guide later on.


Color is one of the fastest ways your invited guests can ascertain if your child is a boy or a girl. Baby boy shower invitations usually come in blue, while little girl invitations are available in pink. This lets them figure out what type of gift they ought to purchase.

Other parents choose to keep their child's sex a surprise up until the day of birth. You may use neutral colors like green or yellow in such cases. Inform your guests to purchase gifts that aren't gender-specific. You might also stay clear of blue or pink if you celebrate an occasion associated with another color, such as a christening. Christening invitations usually appear in white or shades of cream, as white symbolizes purity, which will be the main message of this religious event.


The details in your invitation is the most critical element you must establish. You need to provide enough details that will help your invited guests know where they ought to go and whatever they should bring along with them. The data on the invitation may also provide them with an idea of what to expect.

Make sure you have the exact address of your venue. Add a map with familiar landmarks. Indicate the time clearly and include an RSVP number. Baby girl and baby boy shower invitations can also include your registry details in case you have one. Christening invitations ought to include both addresses for the ceremony as well as the reception afterwards. Larger invitations can incorporate a list of the godparents, but this is not an urgent requirement.

These are simply the primary items to think about when picking invitations for your own child. You could design and print your own or work with a professional design and printing company. Make sure you send these out at the very least 30 days ahead of time to make sure your invited guests are set for your personal celebration.

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