What To Look For In A Baby Seat

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Child safety seats are usually designed specifically to protect children from harm or loss of life in case there is a collision. Studies present the necessity of such car seats. In numerous countries, injuries arising from motor vehicular accidents are the primary cause of death amongst children. In the USA during 2009 alone, 180,000 children were hurt in vehicular accidents and yet another 1,000 lost their lives. Such restraint systems reduce the risk of death by 71% for newborns and infants, and 54% for toddlers. In many countries throughout the world, use of child safety seats is mandatory for motorists who are driving along with newborns and young children. But even when it is not mandatory in your state, it is an important responsibility for you as a parent to keep your child safe when he or she is riding with you.

A number of vehicle makers have built in child restraint systems to their cars' design, but most of the time, these car seats are bought and set up by the car owner. There are numerous brands and designs readily available, which makes buying a car seat intimidating, if not puzzling. If you're going to purchase a child seat, here are a few points to remember.

Don't use pre-owned car safety seats

Every child car seat has some expiration date. Most car seats last approximately 5-9 years from when they were created (not after they were picked up). Paying for second-hand car safety seats may well place your kid in harm's way because these seats may be already worn-out. Moreover, safety standards improve over time as safer innovations are produced, so it is usually wise to get the latest model that is made lately. Furthermore, do not reuse seats that were in a mild or extreme crash.

Look for a seat with a 5-point harness

This kind of restraint system gives the very best safety because it goes over both shoulders, both hips, and the crotch. Furthermore try to find seats with straps that are broad and don't twist easily.

Don't decide on merely on cost

A higher price does not mean that the seat is better or even simpler to use. The best seat is actually the one which suits your child's size and weight, and suits nicely in your car.

Set it up correctly

Even if you get the perfect child seat, but you did not install it the proper way, it may injure or kill your son or daughter in the event of a collision. For example, if you bought a rear-facing car seat, remember not to put your kid at the front seat given that the air bag can be deployed, hit the baby seat, and cause injury to the brain or loss of life.

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