The Features Of Britax Chaperone

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Once you have become a parent, there is nothing more important than preparing for the birth of your baby. From the hospital where you are planning to give birth, to the color of the clothes, the nursery and even to the car seat he will be using when you take him home are already been taken care of and thought about. Of course, these things should never be taken for granted since there is nothing more special than your baby.

A car seat is a necessity that should never be omitted as it provides the security and protection of your baby. It gives you an assurance that your baby will never be left unprotected in the back seat especially when you are driving; it is as if you are still cradling your baby securely.

The manufacturers of car seats are continuously finding ways in making innovations and improvements to better provide high quality products in the market. With its vastness, people are definitely having difficulties in getting the right one. Perhaps, you should consider getting the Britax Chaperone. This car seat is very affordable and versatile thus making it a great companion for you and your baby. Here are some of the features of this wonderful car seat.

Baby's size. Knowing the right height and weight of your baby is important to ensure that the car seat is perfect for him. The weight requirement for the Britax Chaperone car seat is 4 to 30 pounds and your baby must be not more than 32 inches. When he is seated, his shoulder length should be at 6.9 to 11 inches to ensure that he is properly fastened. It is essential to follow these requirements so that you can be sure that the car seat will not be useless if your baby does not qualify any of these.

Side Impact Protection. During side collisions, this car seat provides the right support and protection to ensure that your baby does not have any injuries. It has the state-of-the-art Energy-Absorbing Foam or EPS that distributes and absorbs side collision impact. With this, your baby will not be hurt in any way. It also provides the support need for the proper alignment of neck, head and spine.

Lock-offs and anti-rebound bar. When it comes to front and rear collisions, the anti-rebound bar protects your baby from the sudden impact. The built-in lock offs also makes sure that the seat belt has minimized movement, keeping your baby in the right position at all times.

Safety standards. This car seat has been tested and passed the requirements of the authorized testing agencies.

Canopy and Harness. It has an oversized canopy that covers your child to protect him from the harmful rays of the sun, rain and strong winds. Its five-point harness fastens your child securely in such a way that he will be comfortable during bumpy rides.

Getting the Britax Chaperone is a great investment for your newborn baby. When you have this, you can guarantee your baby's safety all the time.

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