The Different Ways Of Selecting Modern Indian Baby Girls Names

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Your name is something given to you by your parents that you will carry throughout your life. Choosing a meaningful and popular Indian baby girl name, that has a great meaning and is at the same time easy to pronounce maybe difficult. Indian families often prefer selecting baby names based on famous personalities or on mythological legends or characters. There may be various factors that have great influence on the baby name selection process. Let's take a look at some of them in this article.

Numerology: While choosing modern Indian names for girls, it is important to choose a word according to their personality and identity. Many parents do not realize the fact that the name chosen will have a dramatic impact on their baby. Balanced and positive vibrations are greatly associated with names that are based on numerology. Since parents always want their child to be successful in life, they have a belief that choosing a name based on numerology will help to bring better fortune upon themselves. You can select modern Indian names for girls and then figure out their numbers in numerology. For this, you have to assign the correct numbers to each letter of the chosen word and then add up the numbers to form a single digit and match it with the birth number.

Mythology: Selecting popular Indian baby girl names based on mythological characters is very common in India. There are many stories that have an extensive influence on the literature of our civilization and there are many famous characters that form a part of the story. Goddess and other figures offer plenty of inspiration while choosing names for your baby. It is also believed that the names of Gods and goddesses often have a positive impact on the personality of the child. Parents who prefer to name their baby girl from a religious background may consider popular mythological characters.

Birth time and zodiac sign: Another major factor that parents often consider while choosing popular Indian baby girl names is according to their birth time and zodiac sign. According to Hindu religion, a kundali is prepared for every child on birth time and the zodiac sign is determined from it. Pandits also suggest relevant letters with which the word may start. People have a strong belief that keeping an identity based on the zodiac sign will bring good luck to the child and will also have a strong influence on the personality of the child.

Whatever be the means of choosing the name, one thing that everyone should remember is that the identity of your child should have a good meaning and it should also be easy to pronounce. Carefully consider whether you want a popular name or a conventional or classy one. Make sure that the word matches the baby's identity and personality and it is not subjected to mockery. Names that are very cute during childhood may not be a suitable one when adult.

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