The BOB Revolution CE For City Living

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Living in the city comes with a lot of benefits but also a lot of challenges once you have a baby. Pushing a stroller around in a crowded downtown area can be inconvenient at best and a nightmare at worst. Big, bulky strollers can be hard to maneuver but small and featureless strollers are simply not practical. The BOB Revolution CE is one of the more expensive and high end stroller models available for your child. Let's look at some of the features that make it a good choice for living in the city.

Features of the Revolution CE
The BOB Revolution CE has plenty of features on it that make it a good choice for living in the city. It has three wheels, and the single wheel in the front actually swivels completely around. Its swiveling ability allows you to make hairpin turns in even the most cramped areas without having to lift up the stroller like other models make you do.

A storage basket underneath makes it possible to carry home things you have purchased while out shopping without having to carry a bag on your arm or load up your purse with too much weight. Storage space is a wonderful addition for living in the city as you will have plenty of opportunities to use it for things like diapers, bottles, toys and so on.

Safety features are something else that make the BOB Revolution CE an excellent choice for living in the city. A parking brake that is activated with your foot will lock the wheels, making it impossible for it to roll away from you if you are standing in line and want to safely take your hands off the stroller. Without the fear of your baby rolling into traffic, you will no longer have to worry about those dangers.

The large wheels allow you to roll on and off curbs with ease. Your baby will enjoy a smooth ride no matter what you decide to tackle with the Revolution CE because of the size of the wheels and the fact that they are filled with air instead of being solid. A shock system makes the comfort level even higher for both you and your child.

The suggested retail price for the BOB Revolution CE is just under five hundred dollars. It is a high end stroller that is made out of materials that are built to last, such as a light-weight aluminum alloy frame and water resistant fabric in the canopy and seat. The CE model comes in two colors which are plum purple and black so you can choose the color that is most attractive to you and fits your style.

In Conclusion
After reviewing the features, it's easy to see why people are genuinely satisfied with their purchase of a BOB Revolution CE. It is a stroller that is likely to last may years and is built with families in mind. With features that provide comfort and safety to your baby, it is certainly an excellent option.

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