Surprising Facts Around Baby Naming Ceremony

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Baby naming ceremony is known as the special occasion to name our unborn baby. It is supposed that naming an individual is very important for her identity, which will surely abide for her entire life. Parents will confirm their baby's identity among the relatives via this special event. Therefore, the baby's arrival into the family will be welcomed.

Parents may arrange a naming ceremony at their home or any venue with the attendance of relatives and friends. Generally, people will name their children through Classic, Bespoke, or Birthday celebration. Of course, we are allowed to select our own program, pick out a poem, entertaining plays for kids, a well-organized speech or various delicious recipes. Sometimes, it is highly preferable to choose Rejoicers who are carefully trained, and they can aid us in conducting the ceremony following our desire.

Different types of baby naming ceremonies

Dozens of the Christians favor baptism or christening where parents are able to profess their faith before Pope. Christening or baptism is described as the religious ceremony, and it is run by the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. Basically, the baby is likely to be cleansed with holy water during the naming ceremony. In a church blessing, kids will be given gifts, and the thanksgiving prayer will be recited before God. For some customs, parents will only pray for blessings. Obviously, there will not be any ceremonial formality. Nowadays, the informal church thanksgiving or blessing is mainly arranged on Sundays, and then constitutes a series of attracted prayers.

In general, Jewish customs will primarily follow 2 customs. The first custom is Traditional Synagogue worship service that is followed by a Collation or Kiddush for the healthy recovery of both mother and kid. In this case, a baby will be named to get an identity. Most of the time circumcision can be arranged for a boy child 8 days after his birth. It is supposed that relatives and friends are able to suggest some names and explain their significances respectively in English and Hebrew languages. The second one is the Brit milah, a formal celebration held by the parents at their homes where grandparents will come and bless their lovely grandchild.

Some tips on baby naming ceremony

  • As the parents, we have to register the birth of our baby, and don't forget to mention the time, date, gender, place and baby's name.
  • The name we have in our mind for our baby should match with the one that is suggestive of our baby's features.
  • Pick out a name that is unique, meaningful and interesting. However, remember that he/she needs to live with this name in their entire lives.
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