Some Important Baby Food Recipes

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Baby recipes have one of the largest databases of baby food recipes. Each of the recipes mentioned in this site has been cooked and tested in house so as to make sure that only the best recipes are recommended for the little ones. The recipes are easy to follow with each one of them is accompanied by detailed instructions and images. One can also join the site as a member and add their own recipes to their own 'Cook Book'.

Baby recipes that are listed in this site for 4- 6 months olds include yogurt and apple combo, pear and apple combo, pear, and puree. lso banana mash, baby rice cereal, avocado mash, apple, and pumpkin, apple and banana. Baby recipes for 6- 8 months olds include melon and yogurt with flax, wheat biscuit pudding, vanilla custard with apple, tummy relieving yogurt, lentils and rice, puree of sweet potato and sweet corn, sweet corn, risotto with pumpkin and spinach, puree of zucchini and peas, sweet vegetables, sweet potato casserole and pureed lamb, pureed vegetables, puree of spinach and banana, pear and chickpea and puree of spinach, zucchini, green vegetables and porridge oats for baby, spinach, zucchini and pear, pear with vanilla and cinnamon, banana and peachy pear, peachy pumpkin, peachy brown rice, orange fish, colourful and nutritious vegetable, melon, potato with mashed pumpkin, and lamb dinner, healthy fruit jelly, fruity stewed prunes, fruity sorbet, fruity porridge, brown rice pudding, fish and spinach, etc.

Baby recipes for 8- 10 months olds include banana and vegetable puree, tofu pasta and vegetable sauce, banana and vegetable puree, tofu fruit dessert, healthy and tasty lentil puree, carrot, sweet potato and parsnip combo, savoury and sweet lentil soup, and salmon mash, lentil dahl and rice, vegetable and red lentil,and red lentil dahl, fruity vegetable and red lentil, pear and quinoa pudding, quinoa with beetroot and apple, apple and pumpkin combo, cream cheese balls and pumpkin, peach, pumpkin and pork curry, pea soup, tofu and mango combo, mango, kiwi mash, fruity quinoa cream, fruity rice and chicken, and fish, chickpea beetroot, chicken with corn and couscous, cheesy tofu, asparagus and cheesy tofu, etc.

These recepies when prepared in the best possible manner could be a great healthy food for your baby.

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