Sleep Training Tips For New Parents

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When you have a newborn, you should consider something about sleep training to help your baby maintain asleep through the night. Like learning other things, some babies can get used to a regular sleep time easily, while some others have difficulty in going to sleep regularly. For these babies, they need moms and dads to help them make it through. Here below I will talk about questions related to sleep training.

As a new dad or mom, you may don't know when to start a baby training like sleep training. You should know that parents aren't supposed to do any training to a newborn including sleep training. You need to try your best to keep your baby healthy in the first three months. It means any time when he or she cries you need to feed or comfort him or her. You will experience the tough time you have to feed him many times at night.

So the question when you start the training is still there. The best time to start is after 6 weeks. Then another question comes: how you implement the training. What you have to do is build up a regular bedtime by doing something same at the same time every night. For example, you can read him a book before put him to bed. The regular bedtime also requires the regular wake-up time. You should wake up your baby at the same time every morning.

When you keep doing the sleep training, you will find your baby start to get used to the regular sleep and he sleeps more at night and less in the day. But this is not the end. You also have something to do. You need to adjust the bedtime and wake-up time based on the age of your baby.

Generally speaking, many babies can get a regular sleep style after over three months and they don't require too much feeding at night. According to some experts, most babies around 5 months can receive the sleep training and get used to it quickly. And the sleep time they need is about 10 hours. But different babies have different capabilities for training. Some babies may learn the regular sleep very quickly and early, while some may be not ready yet. Besides that, some may sleep longer while some may wake up many times at night. You should do the right thing based on your baby capability.

Here is something you should remember before training. Try to avoid sleep training when your baby has conditions. Whether carry on the training, you should observe the reaction of your baby. When you find the mood of your baby gets worse, you should stop and try again after a few weeks. If you aren't sure when to start the training, go to ask the doctor for some advice.

When you read this article, I believe you learned something useful for your baby sleep training. For new moms and dads, it is difficult to do baby trainings especially when he or she is crying hard. If you persist in it, you will make it finally.

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