Sleep Training Aids

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With all the excitement and joy that comes with a new baby there are also many sleepless nights. When you talk to a new parent there is a gaunt, exhausted look in their eye along with feelings of sadness and desperation. Being able to get a decent night's sleep or even being able to sleep for a good 5 hours without having to wake up to shrills and cries can manna from heaven.

There are lots of tactics out there to sleep train your new baby as well as lots of myths and minsinformation out there. When new parents ask their pediatrician what to do they don't always recommend sound strategies.

Here are some of the common strategies and tactics new moms and dads use to get their little ones to get their winks in.

Sleeping with the baby in the bed is a tactic that many parents use. The benefit of doing this is when the baby cries you don't have to get out of bed. The downside is that they will be more dependent on you to soothe them to sleep. Also this can have a very negative impact of the intimacy of the couple since the baby's needs always come first and there are no boundaries. As the child gets older it becomes harder and more difficult to put them in their own room.


Crying it out – This is a popular tactic with some parents and a very unpopular one with other parents. Some parents believe that the child needs to learn how to self-soothe, become more independent or to just tire themself out with the crying and wailing. It can be very difficult to not come to your child's side when you hear them crying and many parents don't have the ability to let them cry without coming to their side. Another option is to let them cry for a set amount of time before coming to their side. Babies don't know how to communicate their unhappiness besides crying.

Lighting in the bedroom. Make sure to have dim lighting in the bedroom and even if the baby cries at night do not turn on the light.

Night Feedings – Some moms believe that grinding up some baby oatmeal or cheerios and putting some in their milk at night is a way to get them to sleep through the night. Sometimes babies just cry because they are hungry so giving them some food at night is another tactic.

Infant Sleep Positioner – Having a way to position your baby so that it is in it's most comfortable postion is another tactic. Babies can't move their bodies that easily so helping it to get comfortable before it goes to sleep is another tactic.

Baby Sleeping Wedge – Using a device called a wedge can help the baby to feel more comfortable in it's crib.

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