Significance Of Sanskrit

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Sanskrit is not only a language it is a base for all the languages. Moreover, a language is the base of any civilization because a civilization starts and spreads due to its language. When we speak we convey it and through it to others which in turn makes a Sanskruti (civilization or society). Sanskrit is the language formally used for commercial communication also known as bridge language or trade language of Hinduism. It is used as a philosophical language by Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is the primary language used as liturgical language or holy language and when a language relates to formal public worship people stop using it in their day to day conversation. However it is used for sacred rituals, so as to preserve its purity and safe guard their cultural heritage.

Sanskrit in a way is the base of all the cultures because it is the basic or a body of words through which one can communicate. It is a standardized dialect of old-Indo-Aryan-language, discovered as a Vedic Sanskrit and has its belongings from Proto-Indian-Iranian and Proto-Indo-Europeans. Because it is the base of all the languages, it is the base of all the civilizations due to which it has an influence on all the cultures.

It has also been discovered that the language has a significant impact on cultures of any country and people get influenced by it. Starting from the birth till the death of a person in any society, language plays a vide role. There are rituals linked with the birth and the death of people and every civilization performs these social rites with great regard weather it is naming baby on her birth or cremation on the death.

Rituals start with the baby name and in India Sanskrit names given to baby girls or boys is a common and trendy these days. Reason is that, now a day's people prefer to bestow meaning full names to their children. They have understood the significance of the connotation of meaning full names. They are moving towards their actual roots or you can say that, the civilization is moving ahead towards its basic heritage.

History repeats itself!

Moreover our civilization is taking a turn, upside down, in a way repeating itself in its most trendy manner. Removing all the illusions of blind faiths and barriers of unwanted or negative elements of the society to blossom into the most prosper, sensitive and groomed nation.

Like the Name “Krishna” means “he who removes illusions”!

This turnover is not only in Hinduism only. It is happening in all the religions weather it is Islam or Christen or Sikhism or Buddhism or in any religion or culture. Reason is that we evolve from ourselves and dissolve in to it only. We all are one and we want to create a world of illusion of surrounding ourselves, which is full of fantasies and imaginations or you can say a world of our selfish motives or a wonderland. To achieve that fancy world we create rules and create boundaries of all the cast and religions, which is to be re-evolved.

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