Research Reveals That Babies See Colors

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Ever wondered what to do with the baby jewelry you bought from Australia? – Not trying to be specific, but just happened to notice that baby jewelry in Australia is the next best trend in mummy outerwear. But, yes… Ever wondered if your baby takes note of the various colored teething beads on her teething necklace, dress, and all things around her? Well, a recent study from the Surrey Baby lab in the United Kingdom, reveal that babies do recognize colors and can tell the difference between color shades. The research was performed on babies ages four and nine months.

We often wonder how much a detail a baby can see. We dangle all kinds of objects in front of her, like rattle toys, mirrors (to see her reflection) and necklaces with colorful teething beads. We do this to stimulate her mind, and to keep her eyesight in check, but we also do that to find out if baby can determine the difference between a blue from a yellow, or if everything to her is simply black and white. The study revealed that babies – even at the young age of four months – are able to see colors

With the use of a special camera that tracks the baby's eye movement, researchers discovered that babies not only see different colors, but will eventually get bored seeing the same color. The color blue was dangled in front of the baby, catching her attention. When the color green was introduced, the baby's eyes immediately focused to the new color. But, when a different shade of blue was introduced afterward, the baby looked at it for a very brief moment, before turning away. She had recalled seeing that color (at least a variant shade of it) before. Quoting Doctor Anna Franklin from the Surrey Baby Lab, she concluded: “That [the color experiment] shows babies are aware that blues fall into the same category of color.”

Furthermore, results of that same research indicated that babies have preferences, tending to look longer at purple, orange, blue and red.

It is amazing how much more we need to discover about babies and their cognitive capabilities. We often say that our babies are geniuses – declaring this statement as soon as they are born – but we don't really believe that, or we underestimate it – they are still developing after all. But, it turns out that they may be developing earlier than initially believed. So, maybe it isn't too early to expose the baby to complicated mathematical equations, or teach them to speak three different languages! Who knows what the next research will unveil about that. Regardless, parents should continue to stimulate their children's minds in as many ways possible.

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