Pros And Cons Of Choosing Surrogacy Abroad

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If you desire a child but are physically unable to have one, then do not lose hope as you have the option of considering surrogacy. The cost of such a procedure in First World countries is usually tens of thousands of dollars, after you factor in the price of IVF medications and the surrogate's fee. That's why more and more people are traveling abroad for availing the services of surrogates in India and other surrogacy tourism hubs.

Why Do People Travel Abroad For Surrogacy?

The number one reason why intending parents leave home and go abroad for surrogacy is because it is much cheaper. However, cost is not the only factor to consider when looking for a doctor and a surrogate to carry your child. Other reasons why would-be parents might travel for surrogacy abroad include:


  • You can get a full package. When you travel to get surrogacy in India or any other country, you may need a variety of medical services. Some couples will need not only a surrogate but also an egg donor. Whatever you need, surrogacy clinics abroad can usually help you make all of your arrangements.
  • The doctors are equally educated as their counterparts in the developed countries of the world. If you travel abroad for surrogacy, you will find that it is easy to get a surrogacy doctor who has graduated from one of the top medical colleges in the world. Many graduates of Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other esteemed medical colleges work in India and other countries.
  • You will be helping the surrogate. It would take most of the surrogates in India around three years in a job that matched their skill set to earn the amount of money they earn as a surrogate. Most of these women who become surrogates in India are doing so in order to pay for their own children's educations and other incidentals. The amount you will pay the womb carrier in India is approximately one third of what you would pay a surrogate in the United States. With that amount of money, you are helping a surrogate and her entire family.

These are just a few reasons why people choose to undergo surrogacy in India.

What Are Some Of The Drawbacks Of Getting Surrogacy Abroad?

Some of the potential drawbacks of traveling to another country for surrogacy include:

  • You will have to stay in that country for a bit of time. Surrogacy is different from other medical treatments abroad because the entire process takes around a year. While you do not need to stay in the country throughout the term of the surrogate's pregnancy, it is likely that you will need to make two trips – one at the beginning and one when the baby is about to be born – which will each be at least one month long.
  • You might be concerned about the child's health while in the womb. This is a concern for many people considering surrogacy abroad. There are, however, many ways to put this fear at bay. Firstly, your doctor will provide the surrogate with the requisite prenatal vitamins and regular checkups. It is also your doctor's desire to see your surrogate give birth to a healthy child! If this is not reassuring enough, many countries have a live-in medical facility for surrogates, where she will get all of the proper nutrients and be carefully monitored. This facility will take extra precaution to ensure the health of your surrogate and your unborn child.

These are just a few potential drawbacks of getting surrogacy abroad. However, both have easy solutions, making surrogacy abroad still a great choice for individuals or couples looking to conceive.

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