Princess Baby Shower Ideas

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The news of a new baby brings joy and excitement to any home. The mom to be has friends and relatives who want to share in this time and throw her a wonderful baby shower. There are many different possibilities for a theme when planning a baby shower. Princess baby shower ideas make a great theme for couples who are expecting a little girl. There are many interesting ways to celebrate this event and offers a wonderful way to get creative. Since little girls are usually referred to as princesses, this makes a nice theme.

Planning the event is essential because gifts, food, and games are all things that go into a successful and enjoyable shower. Invitations are the first things that must be dealt with after the time and date is decided. Pink and white are two popular colors for a princess theme. The design can be Disney characters, dolls, or angels. To carry out the theme throughout the event, plates, utensils, napkins, and other decorations can blend into the color scheme. Designer plates can be selected, however when dealing with a budget, paper products are widely available in all colors and patterns for a small price.

Food can also follow the color scheme through the cake. A princess creation will look lovely along with decorated cupcakes with tiny pink roses. Pink cookies are also a nice decorative touch. A crown or tiara can be placed on top of the cake as a finishing touch. These make excellent ideas to tie into a princess theme.

The venue can be decorated in pink and white colors with confetti, balloons, and draped tables with pink and white tablecloths. Pink decorative candles would add a nice touch as well. Banners and tiny baby carriages placed strategically around the room will also appear sweet. White and pink flowers can be placed on all of the tables as well. There are endless ways to tie the colors into the event.

Fairy tales can also be a part of a princess themed baby shower. Fairy tale characters including Disney princess make a wonderful theme while planning a shower for a little girl. Most women at a baby shower get nostalgic while thinking back to when they were young. All little girls want to grow up in a fairy tale environment and be treated like a princess. A princess themed baby shower will create many great memories as a family gets prepared to welcome a new edition.

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