Pram As A First Baby Gift

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To be honest having a child is a little like planning your own wedding in some ways- you go online, read countless magazines, and then you become convinced that you absolutely need an item in your wedding to make it that extra bit special. The same applies to the baby industry, there are so many items on the market and with all the excitement and anticipation of expecting a child it's easy to let spending get out of control. However I am confident you can get quality at a low price and sleep well knowing you have not spent thousands of pounds before the baby has even arrived!

Couples now tend to me a bit more money conscious now especially given the economic climate! Just can't be splashing out money on luxuries as we used to couple of years back and you get to hear a lot of families worry about the impact a child would have on finances. Obviously it requires a little change in budget for the house and as many first time mummy's to be take time off (yay!!) there are many ways to cut costs in buying essential baby gear such as good quality but cheap kids prams, kid pushchairs and travel systems and still have a happy little baby!

Here are some of our tips to keep the cost down when buying baby prams in UK especially!

First step!

You will find the most expensive items in actual child shops are PRAMS!!! For example a car seat at Mothercere can range from 64-299. However you can get a lovely new kid pram WITH a car seat and entire baby travel system from an online store for just 150!! all inclusive including free delivery to your door step! What more would you want? It meets all the safety baby regulations and does a fantastic job. It even has a 1 year guarantee and rain cover, mosquito net, front/back facing, car seat can be attached to pram, adjustable break, suspension, Adjustable Leg Rest, Apron, Carry Handle, Five-point Harness, Hood, Lockable Swivel Wheels, Rain Cover, Shopping Basket, Travel System Compatible.

Another thing to note!

Think of how long your little baby stays a child for. Some items you need in the first few months are used for just weeks so it seems pointless spending loads of money for something that's needed for couple of months. For example, baby baths, baby bouncers/bumbo etc are all needed for very short time! You can find a cheap buggy brand new just for 150 (RRP- 425). It is recommended that you always buy two things new for your baby- the Baby Pram and Car seat!

Best places to look for baby stuff cheap but quality stuff-

  • Catalogues/magazines!
  • A leading pram specialist who sell all pushchairs for cheap!
  • Local Sunday Market/car boot sale
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