Planning Your Baby39s First Birthday

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Your precious angel's first birthday ever! Of course you are excited and a bit worried too about organizing the party and ensuring that everyone has a nice time. With a bit of planning and strategizing, you can throw a memorable party which will be special for you and those who attend it. Your baby will only get a feel of his first birthday when he is a bit older and sees the video or the photographs of the party. And when he will see the beautiful event you put together he will appreciate you for sure. This brings us to the focus of this article, steps to plan an amazing first birthday party, well here they are:

The first birthday party is more about you- as in the parents- and your friends, family, neighbors and their older kids.

Most 1 year olds are conscious of new people and surroundings and often get cranky with strangers or new places. That is why, to make sure the baby is not traumatized with a new place/party venue or intimidated by a throng of unfamiliar new faces- choose your venue and guest list very carefully.

Prepare a list of the invitees well before the event date. The ideal venue for the party is your home. If you don't have the space at your home, look elsewhere- grandparents' home or a friend's home, to have your family party. It is advisable to have a small gathering of family, close friends, and neighbors. Other venue choices include- a neighborhood hall or community center or a kids' themed restaurant or a park if the weather is nice.

Choosing a time for the party is again a tricky choice. To begin with make sure the party does not last longer than one and a half hours. Any longer than that and you will see babies and other little ones getting cranky and if one of them starts crying- it spreads among the other babies like an epidemic! Also, keep in mind that the time of the party should be after your baby has had a restful nap so that when the party begins, he is refreshed and ready to play.

While your 1 year old and his fellow babies will have no interest in the theme of the party, you can still do a bit to make the day special. Some ideas include- plates and napkins printed with a cartoon character or making the baby wear a color-coordinated dress with you guys. The takeaway gifts or goody bag can have a picture of your baby or a “thank you” card signed by his hands' imprint.

Get a special cake baked with a cartoon character on it. The food you choose for the event must be the right mix to cater to all guests including adults as well as older kids and babies. For the little babies with teeth who can nibble on their food, you can have soft bread cheese sandwiches, fresh fruit or mini yogurts. Do not serve any food that may be classified as a choking hazard- like- nuts or popcorn or hard candies.

Follow these tips to throw a great party and spend the next day sorting through many baby gifts your little one has collected on his first birthday.

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