Physiological Characteristics Of Babies Under One Years Old

Additional Information:

When babies are under two months old, their visual sense and auditory sense should be developed well. Do you know that even the newborns have the very strong ability to learn new things around them. When babies are one month old, they are able to actively absorb the information in the surrounding environment after eating and sleeping. During this time, the right babies toys can practice children's visual and auditory ability.

When babies are between three and four months old, they are able to distinguish all kinds of colors initially. What's more, they always pay more attention on the bright colors such as the yellow and red. As parents, you should give children the babies toys with bright colors which can promote the development of distinguishing colors.

Many parents always wonder that is it necessary to buy toys for babies under one year old, according to the children development experts, toys are the best teachers and friends during the children development process and it is even the indispensable spiritual nourishment for them. For babies under one year old, most parents think that they don't know how to play with toys with right ways so that it is not necessary to buy toys for them. Do you believe that once the babies are born, they would use their own unique way to understand the world so that parent should purchase appropriate toys for them according to their psychological characteristics. When babies are between five and six months old, their hand-eye coordination ability should be developed. They can use their hands to grab toys and do some simple but effective actions. For example, they are more likely to tear paper into piece and shake or beat the toys. What's more, they know the different playing ways and different functions of different toys.

When babies are between seven and nine months old, their five fingers have the clear division of labour. For example, they can use thumb, along with index finger, to lift some small things. At the same time, they can pass the toy from one hand to other hand. If you give them the building blocks, they would hold two building blocks at hands and beat each other.

When babies are between ten and twelve months old, their fingers become more and more flexible and hand-eye coordination ability also has been greatly improved. They like to play with toys bought for them and observe their interesting things for a long time.

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