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More than ever, parents need to embrace the concept of It takes a village to raise a child. Parents – whether first-time, or second-time, parents – need to surround themselves with a support network. A good supportive network can be the difference between an easy and fun transition into a life with a baby, or a difficult and frustrating transition into life with a baby.

The Benefits of a Support Network

Why do parents need support groups, and what are the benefits? Human beings are social creatures. We help one another and learn from one another. When it comes to raising a baby for the first time, many first-time parents are not always aware of the right thing to do. At first, they are not certain of what methods work when it comes to taking care of a baby. Therefore, it is often a benefit to be surrounded by people who can offer ideas, and pass on wisdom about baby-related things.

Source of Information. From breastfeeding tips for mum (and bottle feeding for dad) to baby teething and baby food nutrition advice, first-time parents have a wonderful resource when they are connected to a support group. It is absolutely amazing how much one can learn from another. Would the first-time parents know that special teething necklaces exist to help deal with the baby teething stage? Maybe not. Yet, through networking this tiny piece of advice may end up saving both parents' sanity and help bring comfort to their baby at this tumultuous stage.

Physical Helping Hand. Another advantage of a support groups is: They can physically give first-time parents a helping hand. The logistics of baby care can be overwhelming at first. Sometimes, to be successful at raising a child, parents need to step back, or take a break. They need time to spend with one another, as a couple. It gives them a chance to evaluate themselves as parents and then return to their baby with a fresh and relaxed mental state. But they need help from families and friends to take care of their child during this Time off.

Encouragement and Confidence. Additionally, a support group can provide encouragement and confidence to the mum and dad. Having the reassurance of family and friends – for simple things like whether or not a teething necklace is appropriate for baby teething – can give first-time parents a sense of relief.

Who Should be in the Support Network?

Anyone can be made a member of the support group. The person needs to be someone with whom the baby's parents feel comfortable with; someone whose help and advice will always be welcomed. The Support Network usually includes:

  • Baby's grandparents
  • Other family members
  • Trusted friends
  • Healthcare experts

Each one of those individuals is a valuable resource in creating a healthy environment for baby and her parents. Regardless, of who is chosen, the members within the support group need to be people with whom the first-time parents have great trust and respect for.

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