Month By Month Records In Time

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It is one of the rarest of moments and one that doesn't come very often in your life that you would experience when you have a new born home. The thrill that you would get out of being with your baby and taking care of his or her needs is something to be experienced, as every parent would vouch for as being extraordinary. When you have the joy and the opportunity to relish such a moment, it only makes sense to store the moment, freeze it in time forever and keep looking back at that point in time when you felt out of the world. And what adds to this joy and lets you keep wondering about the jewel that nature is, would be when you watch your baby grow, month by month. While being a parent in itself is an extraordinary feat, cherishing the moments that follow your parenthood, when you become responsible for one more life, when a new soul has been bestowed to your attention and care, is what would make you see the new facets of life and make you realise the depths of your emotions. With this new relationship, it is now time to record time, month by month.

And the simplest, and yet the most effective, way to record life as it happens and save the way your child grew month by month, taking one step at a time, moving one inch in a frame, is to go for onesie stickers. If that name doesn't sound familiar, you may recall the way you would have seen someone record their child's early days by taking lovely pictures of the growing years and placing awkward placards or cardboards next to the baby to record which month of the baby's growing years they were taken in.

If you thought that was not the best way to do it, onesie stickers would show you the way to go about recording every expression, every movement and every sign of sparkling growth your child has been through, month by month. Children grow fast and it takes a few simple and beautiful onesie stickers to see where exactly they stand and how they have fared in the growth metre, every month. This way, you would have made sure that your photographs carried meanings and your child, the exact month, when he or she stroke that terrific pose or took that little stride – the best way to record memories of your growing child is Month By Month.

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