Lifestyle Cribs Coming In Different And Unique Designs

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Can you spend whole night sleeping on a bed which is not at all comfortable for you? Not for sure as you are not comfortable there and your body starts aching while sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. Similarly, a crib is a place where your infant spends most of their time sleeping and playing in it. So, it is being the first and foremost priority to ensure that it is comfortable enough for an infant and does not leave the child with the aching body. The lifestyle cribs come in a different size and colors so that you can choose one from the wide variety available according to your budget and the requirements.

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  • Bassinets- When your infant is below the age of 5-6 months, these are perfectly recommended for the baby than having a full-size lifestyle crib. They are small in size and consumes less space, thus you can make your baby sleeping in front of your eyes in the same bedroom with you. The main advantage coming along with the bassinets or cradle is that they are easily portable so that you can carry with yourself wherever you and keep your baby in a comfort zone even outside the house.
  • Convertible cribs- The advantage of this type can be determined by its name only as you can use the same crib for the years. It can be converted from a toddler bed to full-size kid's bed or to a daybed matching with the twin mattress. The head and foot can be used as a headboard and foot board together with a simple kit bought together with the crib.
  • Conventional baby crib- This type comes with the facility to drop the sides to easily putting the baby and taking out of it. With such a comfortable feature, you don't need to adjust the height every time you put or take out the baby from it. Conventional baby cribs affordable and can be used till your baby gets to the age of two.
  • Round crib- This is one of the unique and fashionable designs among the lifestyle cribs. Round cribs consume less floor space than that of the traditional ones. And because of unique design and comfort, the crib is little expensive as compared to the traditional cribs.
  • Canopy crib- If you want to give your child a feel of being in a fairytale, then this one is for you. The sides are covered with the tent-like look and thus, the canopy crib looks beautiful and adorable. Though they are a lot more expensive than the traditional cribs.
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