Keep Your Baby Warm With A Sleepsack

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Safety of a baby during their nap time is one of the primary concerns of the parents. A proper bedding carries immense significance as improper bed-clothes may be the cause of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. There are various factors that may cause SIDS. These may include maternal smoking, bacterial infection, bed-sharing and prone sleeping position, to name. However, the most common factor that causes SIDS is death by suffocation due to heavy bed-clothes. A baby is also prone to suffocation due to stuffed toys, pillows, heavy blankets & sheets that generally constitute a part of their bedding. In order to prevent SIDS from happening, it is advised that parents use baby sleep sacks to wrap their infants in during their nap time.

A baby sleeping bag is a sack made of soft and comfortable fabric, which is closed from the bottom and open at the top with fastening provided by buttons. The sleepsack also features opening for arms that makes the baby feel comfortable and is able to flail their arms as they like.

It is common knowledge that all infants and toddlers have a kicking habit and generally kick off their blankets or quilts while sleeping, thus, leaving them cold in the middle of the night. Due to this activity the babies wake up and begin crying, thereby, disturbing the sound sleep of parents and their much needed rest. A baby sleepsack is the correct solution to solve for such a problem. The baby can be easily placed inside the sack that is fastened by either buttons or a zip. This restricts the movement of the baby and makes it impossible for the baby to kick their bedding off. The baby sack also does not pose the danger of slipping over the face of the baby and causing SIDS, as is the case with blankets.

The sleepsack is ideally used for infants, however, due to the intensive kicking habits of toddlers, the babysack serves as a suitable bedding for babies between the age of 24-36 months. Parents can avail these sacks in numerous delightful colors and design patterns. These bags are also offered in various sizes, to suit the requirements of a growing baby.

Another advantage of a baby sack is that it can be used during camping trips and holidays to keep the baby warm. Parents are advised to purchase baby sleep sacks according to the TOG rating. This is a rating that measures the warmth of a quilt or a blanket and nowadays even measures baby sleepsacks. The higher the rating, warmer the blanket, whereas lower the rating, the less warm the blanket is. Therefore, parents can take a lower rating sleepsack for summers while a high rating blanket would be suitable for cold regions or the winter season.

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