Items You Will Need Around The Home With A New Baby

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This is a list of things that you can get your partner or husband involved in before your baby arrives. The important thing is that it will make him feel like he has something useful to do. Men often feel left out when a baby is on the way as all of the attention is aimed at you as the new Mom. Plus, they can see all of the changes that are taking place in terms of your physical and hormonal state and this can leave your loved one feeling a tad out of control of the situation.

So why not help him out and let him go ahead and make sure that all of the items listed below are going to be at hand once you come home from the hospital with your new baby.

  1. The most obvious items you will need are diapers and wipes so that you will not end up in a situation where you have to rush off to the local store while your poor new baby is screaming the house down because he or she has a full diaper.
  2. You will also need a barrier cream to smooth over your babies bottom in order to avoid nappy rash.
  3. First aid is something that is also of the utmost importance. Make sure you have a kit to hand and also that you have compiled a list of emergency telephone numbers such as that of your local health care worker, emergency center at the hospital and your local poison center. It would be prudent to tape this to the fridge or a cupboard door where it can easily be found. Make sure that it is in the vicinity of your telephone so you can call whilst looking at the list.
  4. Fever can be one of the first problems that your new baby has, ensure that you purchase a thermometer which is either battery operated or is digital. These types of thermometer are far more accurate than the traditional brands and will last you well into your child's school years.
  5. Nasal congestion can occur in new babies as they get used to breathing the air around them as oppose to be being protected inside the womb. If this problem does occur, it would be handy to have a syringe or bulb made specifically for removing mucus in the nasal passage.
  6. When you have purchased the above 2 items you will also need some alcohol that will enable you to sterilize them after use.
  7. It is important that you have a gentle soap for cleansing, especially when your child gets a cut or graze. Be aware that the traditional liquids such as iodine are no longer recommended as they are considered to be too aggressive to the skin.
  8. There is also a good amount of struggle that goes on when changing a diaper, having toys handy such as a baby phone, rattle or mobile with give your little one something to focus on while you get their bottom cleaned.
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