Introduce Rice As A First Solid Food To Your Baby

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We cannot imagine world without rice. It is used commonly as a staple food over the half of the world's population. It is most common to introduce rice as a first cereal to your newly born. And this is the most recommended first food for newly born.

You can make different rice baby food. Depending on your recipe, you can select from short grain, medium grain and long grain rice varieties. There are basically two types of rice, brown and white. Brown rice is healthy as it is not processed. White is the processed form of grain. White rice is also good and healthy and is easily digestible. It is good as first food for kid because it is non allergic food or we can say that many few people have an allergy to it.

It can be introduced to baby of age 4 to 6 months. WHO recommends introducing solids to new born at 6 months and one new careal at a time. And it is the best to introduce as the first careal.

But there is one thing you should take care of is that if you are introducing it to your baby for first time, then do not make your own cereal because it would not iron fortified. It should not be used as a first solid careal to your baby if your kid is not getting iron supplementation. You can try with readymade as a first food.

All forms of brown rice of contain many nutrients. It contains Iron, fiber, thiamine, niacin and magnesium. Some white rice is fortified with nutrients during processing.

There are many baby recipes you can find on internet. And also you can introduce rice food to your new born after some time of giving readymade baby foods. It is easy to digest do your baby will be all right with his/her first solid food.

There are many foods available in the market but one should be carefull when choosing it for the new born baby. It is better to always select the branded foodpack for your kid. Rice food is better as it is non allergic and it contains many nutriants benefits.

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