Infant Shoes And Those Precious Feet

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It used to be that most toddler shoes had hard flat and rigid soles and even though protective to babies and toddlers feet they were really not good at all for the childs feet. This way of thinking was that the hard flat sole on the toddler shoes would correct any problems with the child's feet. We now know that these sorts of shoes would do more harm than good to their development and actually make the baby take longer to confidently take those first steps. In actual fact that the best kids shoes for your toddler are bare feet! The world over Podiatrists agree that babies should learn to walk in bare feet, however, this is fine if they stay indoors and never walk outside the house where their feet need protection. Little feet consist of 35 joints and 26 bones all pulled together by ligaments. Toddlers feet are highly flexible and are cushioned with fat. Most babies are flat footed when they begin to walk or turn their toes inward, because they have not yet developed the muscle tone or strength in their ligaments to support them. This improves as they grow.

The only real reason to put your babies feet into shoes is for protection. Unless you are outside there is no need for your baby or toddler to be wearing shoes. In a perfect world we really would not need to wear shoes at all, however being that we need protection for our feet, podiatrists recommend baby shoes that are supple, soft and flexible. The good news is there are many of these exact shoes available in the market today, and what's more is that there are highly fashionable ones too.

Podiarists advise that wearing rigid soled toddler shoes will retard the development and retard your toddlers first steps, as they have to adjust each step and trip up much more often than if wearing the correct type of shoes. Kids wearing appropriate shoes are able to walk in a much more natural manner than with infexible soles. In conclusion, when you go to get your baby or toddler his or her first pair of shoes, it is highly recommended that your find some that are flexible, soft and recommended by podiatrists. Baby shoes should not alter the way your baby walks. Jessia Rohan has worked in the baby products industry for many years and has specialized in baby shoes and toddler shoes.

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