Important Information On Legal Name Change Process Of Minors

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According to the equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment of American constitution, every individual is entitled for a legal name change at will. Now when we talk about the legal name change procedure for minors the first obvious fact is that the minors cannot choose a name for themselves as in case of adults.

In US, approximately 25% children are born out of marriages. On the other hand, every year, near about 1 million minors get influenced by the divorce cases. This is a simple reason why there is need of legal name change of minors. The other reasons may include marriage or divorce. The adults sometime need a new name just because of their desire to have a different name. But as said earlier, a child's legal name change is required by people when they go through divorce, marriage or adoption. Women who get into a marital relationship or get divorced may get their names changed by getting changes in some important documents. But otherwise, all other legal name change procedures require court orders for doing so.

If you are looking for a legal name change of your child, you will have to follow the procedure of the court. In most of the cases, people who face divorce or adopt a child, wish to have their child's last name changed.

Earlier, the conventional court rule related to the legal name change of a child said that the father possesses the right to have his minor's last name kept the same till the time he continued to serve as a parent to his child. But presently, the scene has changed a little bit as the court, now takes into account, several considerations for the legal name change of a child. For instance, the court observes that for how long a minor has been having his father's last name. How strong is father's relationship with the child? And whether this change in name should be identified as part of father's or mother's family.

It is also a noteworthy point that both the parents need to be present in the court because if one of the parents is not there, the court will rule in the favor of parent who is there at the court. Also, the courts analyze some other facts and take a decision which will be in children's best interest.

Some of the state courts of United States have simplified the name change forms so that the process of legal name change does not become a complicated and confusing issue. The state courts which do not have the provision of providing simplified name change forms require a person to file a formal case for change in name. In this case, one can get forms from legal forms business. Now-a-days there are some good sites which are providing the option of downloadable forms and such forms, generally, are of very low cost.

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