Importance Of Swaddling Your Baby

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The art of snugly wrapping a baby is called swaddling. Swaddling a baby calms them, provides them with warmth and a sense of security. Newborns are prone to startling, and simulating the womb in a wrap helps them sleep better and longer without interruptions. Inside the womb they were confined to a small and cosy place which they found to be secure before birth. Once born, the free movement and the new and unfamiliar world they are exposed to can be intimidating to them. This can result in sudden jerks in the baby, frequent crying and colic. Swaddling protects the baby from flailing their arms around and startling themselves. It helps to soothe them from struggling to understand the new environment by giving them the tight feel of the uterus.

Swaddled babies sleep better and longer and have lower jerk reflexes. Swaddling babies tight makes it easier to carry the baby and nap the baby. This method reduces the crying time, and babies who sleep on their back have a low risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Improper swaddling can cause hip dysplasia in the baby, therefore learning proper swaddling techniques is important for any parent with a newborn. Traditional swaddle has been in practise for years. It is one of the best ways to help your baby develop healthily. Finding the best swaddling wrap for your baby is the first step. There are many swaddle blankets available, made from different types of fibres to provide your baby the comfort and warmth. Your baby's swaddling wrap should be breathable and control moisture to keep your baby clammy-free. It should have natural elastic properties to snugly fit and softness to eliminate discomfort to the baby's sensitive skin.

Merino wool has excellent moisture management and is used in base layer products to keep athletes cool and dry. It also provides perfect warmth in cold conditions. The fabric is breathable by nature and adjusts to the changes in temperature. With merino wool swaddling wraps, you do not have to worry about your baby waking up from sleep hot and sweaty. It has good wicking properties that transport perspiration away from the skin. Pure merino wool that comes from New Zealand is some of the finest natural fibres available for baby sleepwear and baby bedding. Researches have proven that babies who sleep on merino, have better sleeping patterns, feed well and gain weight quicker.

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