How To Plan A Baby Shower

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Welcoming a new baby into the world is an amazingly exciting experience. Buying all the tons of gear that babies need, not so exciting. A well planned baby shower is the perfect solution to reducing an expectant mom's stress of having everything ready for the little one's arrival. With effective planning the baby shower doesn't have to be a stressful experience for anyone. The first thing to consider in planning a baby shower is what level of involvement the mother-to-be would like to have in the planning process. Some moms-to-be prefer to have the planner handle every detail of the shower from start to finish. Other moms-to-be would rather be involved in every decision from decorations to menus. Another important issue to address with the mom-to-be is the invite list. Get names and addresses of all family, friends and co-workers she wishes to invite. Find out how much the mom-to-be you are honoring wants to be involved. Be sure to honor her wishes, after all, it is her day. If she would rather the planner do everything from start to finish, ask her a few questions about the shower including details about the shower date, time and location and then assure her it will be beautiful and to simply show up on the shower day and enjoy.

So you have set your date and location and you are ready to get started hammering out the details. A good place to start is by making a to-do list with a timeline of when each item should be completed. A budget should also be developed in this initial planning stage. This will allow you to complete one task at a time and avoid becoming overwhelmed with everything to do last minute as well as keep your wallet in check as you begin purchasing items for the shower. Will you be having the event catered or will you be preparing the food yourself? If you are planning to have the event catered, start researching different caterers' prices and available dates at least a couple months out. Invitations for an event such as a baby shower are usually mailed out two to three weeks before the shower date, so if you plan to order the invitations to be printed, order them a few months out as well to ensure they will be delivered in time.

After the above time sensitive items are taken care of, you can focus on the other details. When you meet with the expectant mother, find out how her nursery will be decorated and plan the shower decor around this theme. You can tie all the elements together to include the decor, invites, thank you notes and food. If ordering decor and tableware, make sure you order the items way ahead of time to ensure you don't run into a sticky situation of an order getting lost or items being out of stock. Don't forget to plan out games if you plan to play any at the baby shower.

Stick to your time line to avoid getting frazzled with your baby shower details. Be sure to employ some help from a few shower attendants or family members and most of all, have fun!

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