How To Have A Baby Boy Or Girl

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Normal men and women in the natural case of pregnancy, the chance of a boy and a girl, 50%. Some couples, especially like the boys, some couples, especially like the girl. I have a student is particularly fond of the girl, she was ready to have children, but do not want the boy recently, she was always very positive consultation How can I get a girl? In fact, there are five tips to help you book the child's sex! Boy or girl skills a diet control and regulation
This statement is to change the pH of the body, the pH of the food in order to achieve the purpose of the boy or woman.The vagina is usually acidic, and the height of secretion of alkaline substances, are more suitable for the survival of the Y sperm, want a boy who must pay attention to; think the girls of Health should maintain the acidic environment in the body. Diet food is divided into acidic, alkaline and neutral, men eat more acidic foods women eat alkaline foods that can help a boy; men eat more alkaline food, women eat more acidic foods, a girl more advantageous.


Sons secret
Intercourse time – abstinence (about 5 days) to before ovulation in order to have sex before can still have a normal sex life, because the ovulation period of the cervix is alkaline, enabling the Y sperm survival. Vaginal pH adjustment – the same room as close to ovulation, because this time the female secretions is alkaline, you can help the Y sperm; ovulation three days before start douching with soda water, and enhance the alkaline environment of the vagina.The posture of the same room – the same room is said to make the woman to orgasm is more likely a boy, because the female orgasm, the more alkaline secretions of the cervical secretion, for Y sperm, so in advance man should caress the woman. Should also be inserted deeper combination of posture, because the Y sperm in the vagina, the inside is less lively, if a Y sperm closer to the cervix ejaculation, you can: (1) reduce the sperm to break the siege of the journey; Insert deeper, women prone to orgasm. Try posture: normal weight, the bending position, back position, the front seat position.

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The time of intercourse – the first two or three days of ovulation day can still have a normal sex, and having the number of particularly temperance, it is said the same room the more the number of Y reduced sperm count, so every day or two the same room once the frequency of the most Jia. Want to try in accordance with their physiological, and make a decision. Vaginal pH adjustment – a transparent large amounts of mucus secreted before ovulation, the mucus will prevent the sperm into the uterus, and Y sperm than can not adapt to the acidic environment, stay in the vagina for a long time, may not reach the mouth of the uterus has been eliminated X sperm better able to adapt to the acidic environment, it can swim to the uterus, the smooth pregnancy.The posture of the same room – try to avoid the same room when women at high tide, and men are the best to adopt the posture of shallow insert, so that injection of sperm in the acidic environment to stay for a while, so that the Y sperm to be phased out, leaving only the X sperm. Proper posture: the lateral position, the stretch position, riding position, the rear position.

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