How To Choose Right Toys For New Born Baby

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As is known to all, toys including common educational toys, soft stuffed teddy bears and so on are the indispensable items in children's life. Children would get lots of benefits from toys playing process. For example, children's physical and mental status can be developed and their feeling, language ability, operating skills and techniques all can be improved. At the same time, their observation ability, attention, imagination and thinking ways would be better than children who have never played kids toys. In addition to intelligence and ability development, optimistic mood and good moral character can be cultivated from the toys playing process.

Because it is important and necessary for kids to play toys, too many parents want to buy the right and appropriate for their children. For example, lots of parents are more likely to buy common educational toys such as building block, puzzle and so on for kids, in their viewpoint, it is beneficial to children intelligence development when playing with such toys. However, in daily life, I find there is a misunderstanding about choosing kids toys, too many parents are more likely to buy top grade and delicate toys with the high price. In fact, if you are smart parents and have known more information about buying toy tips, you should know the standpoint that it is better to buy kids toys according to their ages and interests. Under such circumstance, children's need on toys are different because of their different physiological and psychological characteristics.

Based on this viewpoint, in the following article, we will discuss how to choose right toys for new-born babies.

In short, it is better to buy babies toys which can develop their visual sense and sense of hearing. Therefore toys with colorful appearance and bright shape are the first choice because they are easy to attract children's interests and attention.

According to the new neurological research, the nervus opticus of newborn are easy to response to black and white colors. With the growth and development, they gradually like red color and like to watch people's face and complicated patterning zones such as curve and concentric circles pattern. At the same time, new-born can not only hear the sound around them, but also too sensitive to the sound frequencies. They like to listen to the fair-sounding music to express their pleasure.

When buying babies toys, parents can choose red wool ball with the 15cm diameter, black and white makeup toys, black balloon, small size bell and music box.

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