How To Choose A Double Jogging Stroller

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But before any couples go out and buy a double jogger stroller to allow them more mobility and independency there are certain things they need to consider. The things that they need to consider are as follows:


  • What sort of lifestyle they lead?
  • How much they are willing to spend on this essential piece of equipment?
  • How old the children are who will be carried in it?
  • What particular features they would like theirs to come with and if they would prefer to go for a brand name model?
  • Once a couple have taken into mind these things then they can start looking to make that all important purchase. Below we offer a few tips that could prove helpful and so ensure that you purchase the ideal double jogger stroller not just for your children but for you as well.

    Tip 1 – First off you need to decide whether you want the seats in yours to be side by side or one behind the other. The biggest benefit to opting for the side by side models is that there is less risk of the one behind becoming upset because they cannot see what is in front of them. However, the main disadvantage to going for the side by side models is that maneuvering them through tight spaces like the aisles of the supermarket can prove very difficult indeed.

    Tip 2 – Next when it comes to buying a double jogger stroller you have to decide on what sort of terrain yours is going to be used. If you intend to take it across country rather than just using on pavements or streets you need to opt for those with fixed wheels and preferably with a good level of suspension. Remember you want your children to enjoy being in the stroller along with making it easy for your to maneuver over rough terrain.

    However if you intend to use yours just for jogging around the streets where you live then those with front wheels that swivel is your best option. These types of wheels will help to ensure that you can maneuver yours much more easily and so you won't need to decrease your pace when going around corners.

    Tip 3 – Make sure that your double jogger stroller is not fitted with good quality harnesses to ensure that your children remain secure no matter quickly you are travelling. Plus make sure that the handbrake is situated in a location on the stroller that is easy to reach so that when you need to make quick stops you can.


    Above we have offered a number of tips of the things that your double jogger stroller should come with. By keeping what we have discussed in mind when making your purchase you will get one that not only meets your requirements and is affordable.

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