How To Baby Proof Your Home

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Whether you are a first time parent or just someone who has lots of close friends with babies, you are probably aware of how important it is to keep your home safe for a curious child. There are several things that may be obvious to you, like sharp corners on a coffee table or exposed electrical sockets, but there are also a few hidden dangers that you may not consider on a regular basis. Here are some great tips and tricks to help make your home a safe place for a baby to be. However, keep in mind that nothing is foolproof, so making sure you keep your eye on Junior should always be at the top of your list.

The best way to start baby-proofing is to crawl through your home, taking note of things that are baby-level and could be dangerous. The most obvious threats are electrical sockets and corners of coffee tables, but you might find that you keep a favorite book on the bottom rack of your coffee table and do not want it ruined by baby drool! While this is not exactly a threat to the baby, you should keep in mind the things that are precious to you as well.

You may not think about those little magnets on your fridge being hazardous, especially when they are usually high up. However, you might want to consider how many times your magnets may have fallen off because of the way you closed the door. These magnets may pose a choking hazard to a little one crawling around, so it is best to remove them and find another place to post your important information.

This may sound funny, but babies who can crawl and pull themselves to a standing position using a stable object may be able to get their curious little hands into a toilet bowl. We all know we do not clean our toilets in between every use, so this can be a very disgusting risk to a baby's health. Invest in some toilet lid locks to keep little hands away. Also, be sure to teach other adults how to use them, because there is nothing more frustrating than having to go to the bathroom and being unable to open the toilet lid!

There are a few ways to keep babies out of rooms where they do not belong. You can use those annoying doorknob covers – the ones that you have to pinch at exactly the right place before attempting to turn the knob. You can also look into a hook-and-eye latch system for your doors, and these should be put high up on the door so that only adults can reach them.

Make sure to keep dangerous cleaning supplies in higher cabinets. Also, think about any other dangerous items that may be in the lower cabinets and move them out of reach as well. Get some cabinet locks for your lower cabinets, but consider leaving one unlocked and having baby-safe pots, pans, plastic bowls or other safe containers there.

While it is important to make your home safe for the little ones, you should also be keeping in mind how to keep your home safe from yourself. Accidents in the home are the leading cause of claims on homeowners insurance, so make sure you have a safe home.

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