How High Quality Is The Mountain Buggy Duet Travel System

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The Mountain Buggy Duet 2011 is definitely an very versatile, twin travel system, which permits newborns to be carried side by side. It measures 63cm in width and is presently the smallest pushchair of this type on the market, a crucial requirement when space is at a premium with two infants! The buggy can accommodate two carrycots or car seats beside each other. It's extremely adaptable because it can let a combination of two babies, baby and toddler or two toddlers, with an approximate age limit of four years. Buying a travel system such as this could be an initial expense but in the long run, it removes the need to make extra purchases for buggies and strollers for older toddlers/kids.

The buggy includes seats, carrycots and car seats and these can all be interchanged on a narrow frame which fits easily though a normal door. There is certainly nothing more frustrating that a double buggy which cannot be brought into the home or flat and needs to be left inside the porch or garden forcing you to carry your two kids in from the rain! Having said that when two car seats are positioned side by side the width will increase by roughly 15cm which then does make it too wide to fit through a door. This would suggest that the best seating combination is for only one car seat to be used in a baby and toddler option. The design of wheels make the buggy efficient when pushing off road on country trails and paths. Smiliarly it's excellent to push around stores and malls on smooth surfaces.

The Mountain Buggy would seem not to scrimp on extra, yet essential characteristics. There are two large hoods for each seating area instead of a single large (and often too heavy) hood covering both seat compartments. This then permits raincovers and suncovers to be fitted which you'd assume could be provided with the travel system. However seperate raincovers and suncovers are not available when the travel system is being used for an older combination of children, ie: little one and toddler or two toddlers. Raincovers only seem to be available with the carrycot option, otherwise extra raincovers are an additional expense.

There's an adaptor on the buggy which needs to be removed to alter the system from using a car seat to just the seat. This can be a lengthy procedure as several aspects of the buggy need to be adjusted and refastened such as zips and buckles. Therefore the buggy would be best to be kept as it is for one age of child until necessary to change it for an older toddler. There is a large shopping and storage basket underneath the frame which you'd expect with a double buggy but this makes it possible for space for additional extras for example raincovers, suncovers and changing baggage.

Child safety is paramount to any travel system. The Mountain Buggy Duet incorporates a safety bumper bar which is very important for any age of child. You will discover excellent safety buckles and there's also an further safety buckle at shoulder height to ensure that the infant or little one can be removed quickly.

One feature which can be usually overlooked when a travel system is considered will be the handle height. It really is easy to consider inside the store that the handle height is sufficient but it can be not until the buggy is test driven (or even purchased) that it's realised that the handle height might not quite suit you. One more aspect which will not manifest until following purchase would be the carrying weight. A double travel system still needs to be lifted and the Mountain Buggy Duet is quite heavy both for lifting and therefore even heavier for pushing older young children around.

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