Helpful Newborn Baby Care Tips For First Time Parents

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Now that you have completed your nine months of pregnancy and have delivered a newborn baby, it is time to take care of the little one round the clock. This change in life can be really stressful and most first-time parents do not feel confident about caring for the infant. Since the new child can bring a lot of activities in your life and plenty of fatigue and stress, following essential tips to handle the child can keep the pressure under control and help you enjoy parenthood. Let's take a look at some important newborn baby care tips:

Tips for nursing:

Little babies eat and eat a lot and the new mother may find it very hard to deal with sore nipples or tough latch-ons, nursing may become an overwhelming task. Try to gain some knowledge much before you give birth to the child. Talk to your friends having good nursing experience or call the nurse while you are in the hospital to offer you advice.

At home, you will try to drop everything to feed her whenever she cries. But remember to get a glass of water before starting to breastfeed and visit the washroom as nursing your infant involves a lot of time. If in case your child is on the bottle, then keep things handy like sterilized bottles, powdered milk, warm water and a few other essentials so that you don't waste time running here and there to gather them. Remember to keep your infant awake during feedings.

Tips for sleeping and soothing:

Newborns usually sleep for about 16 hours a day, but in short bursts. Help your newborn sleep comfortably for a longer period of time. Swinging, shushing or swaddling allows babies to trigger the calming reflex. You can play some light music to make her soothe. A diaper change or a cold environment may often trigger a meltdown, so try to warm up things like use a warm wipe to clean the child and maintain the room temperature to keep the air warm for your sensitive infant. These newborn baby care tips are really helpful to relax both the child and the mother.

Tips for bathing:

It is very important to follow the newborn baby bathing tips as first time parents often find it very difficult to handle a little slippery baby while giving them a bath. After the baby's umbilical cord has fallen off, it is time to give her a real bath. To keep the infant warm, make the surroundings comfortable and keep all the essentials handy like the wash cloth, towel, powder, soap and etc. Check the temperature of the water before bathing her as it makes a huge difference between a happy baby and a crying one. Never leave the child alone to bring your essentials and always have a firm grip on her as newborns tend to be very slippery. In case if you are unable to handle it by yourself, then it is best to take help from someone while giving a bath to your baby.

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