FunFilled Babysitting Ideas For This Summer Vacation

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The summer season is in its peak and very soon the kids will have an off from school, regular activities and sports practice. Keeping them engaged at home with different activities is really a difficult task and as a babysitter, you may struggle to manage the kids indoors. Summer camp may be the answer for some families, but many parents prefer to keep their kids at home for various reasons asking babysitters or nannies to manage them. You may not be willing to hire a professional babysitter and plan to manage the kids yourself. But in that case you should be prepared with how to handle the kids when boredom strikes. So, here in this article we will share with you some interesting, super easy summer babysitting ideas that you can use as a sitter.

Play with the kids: If your kids are more than 5 years of age, then you can easily play with them. Engage them in a project or coloring, but be prepared for the cleanup if you have messy kids. Download some drawing sheets from the internet and hand over one to each kid. Place a plastic mat on the floor or tables to protect them. Help them try the colors and enjoy glowing reports about the engagement.

Outdoor picnic: If you have a shady garden near your house and it's not very hot outside, then pack up your lunch, take a mat and have an outdoor picnic. This will be fun for the kids and can lead to hours of entertainment. But this babysitting idea is preferred only if the day is warm and not very hot.

Go for a swim: Nowadays you will find many sports clubs offering swimming classes on a seasonal basis or even daily. If you and your kids want to enjoy a day in the pool, then pack up your swim suits and head for an hour of entertainment in the nearby pool. If in case you are unable to go for swimming, then use a hose pipe in the garden and enjoy a rain dance.

Arrange some games: Older children of about 10 years of age usually love to play board games, but younger kids may not find them very interesting. So choose appropriate games according to their age, so that they can have lots of fun. Musical chair is appropriate for all ages, but for this you will have to invite their friends at home. Make sure that the chairs are small enough for the kids or they may hurt themselves. Board games like Monopoly, Business, and Chess are good for older kids.

Crafts: This is a wonderful babysitting tip and kids can spend hours doing them. For younger children you can plan activities like finger painting or vegetable printing by using some vegetables like potato, lady's finger etc. You can also give them some play dough and ask them to become creative and make something of their choice. For older children, check your origami skills and make cute objects that can hang from the ceiling.

The above babysitting ideas are a wonderful means to keep the kids engaged and active throughout the day. A little planning ahead can make the day interesting for both of you.

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