Examples For Baby Shower Thank You Notes

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Sending a handwritten thank you note to each person who attended your baby shower or gave you a gift shows good etiquette and lets your friends and family members know that you sincerely appreciate their generosity. Writing baby shower thank you notes should be fun and simple. Ask a friend, such as the host of your shower, to keep a detailed list of the giver of each to make it easier to write thank you notes.


  • Include details in your baby shower thank you notes, such as the gift you received and what you like or love about it. For example:

“Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for the adorable outfit, bottles and diapers. I can't wait to take the baby's pictures in those overalls! I'm so fortunate to have an experienced mom as a good friend to help me figure out what I'll need more of! I'm so glad you made it to the shower. Fondly, Sarah”

Be polite if you don't care for the gift and graciously thank your friend anyway.

“Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for taking the time to make it to my baby shower. I'm grateful for the little shoes you so graciously gave us for the baby! Fondly, Sarah”


  • Sending thank you notes to family , even someone you may talk to every day, is still a nice gesture. A handwritten note comes across as more sincere than a spoken “thank you.” For example:

“Dear Mom and Dad , We wanted to let you know how much we sincerely appreciate the crib you purchased for the baby! We love the blanket you crocheted, as well. We can't wait to wrap little Lori in the blanket and rock her to sleep! We hope we're as good of parents as you are. Love, Sarah and Jeremy”

Group Gifts

  • Group gifts, especially from co-workers or another large group of people, only require one thank you note. It's imperative that you list each person who contributed to the gift, perhaps alphabetically so no one feels slighted. For example:

“Dear Emma, Julia, Kim, Nancy, Stacy and Wendy, I am so incredibly thankful for your generosity. I love the stroller and car seat combination you all so graciously gave me at my shower. I'm looking forward to bringing the baby home in her new pink polka dotted car seat! Thank you all so much! Sincerely, Sarah”


  • Money is always an appreciated gift, as it lets you decide what to purchase for your baby. Thank everyone who gave you cash, a check or a gift card with a handwritten note that does not mention the dollar amount, but does mention what you purchased or plan to purchase with their gift.

“Dear Aunt Sally, Thank you so much for your generous gift! I haven't gotten a chance to go shopping yet, but we plan to put it toward a bassinet we've been looking at. I can't wait to go pick it up! It means so much to me that you were able to make it to my shower. I can't wait until you get to come meet your great-nephew! Love, Sarah”

If the gift is in the form of a gift card for a specific store, it is okay to mention the store: “This store is one of my favorite places to shop and they have such a great baby selection!”

The Hostess

  • Always write a thank you note to the hostess of your baby shower. She more than likely spent a great deal of time and money putting the shower together out of love for you and your family.

“Dearest Kendra, Thank you so much for going above and beyond what a friend should! I loved everything about the baby shower, and can't thank you enough. I hope baby Leah knows how much we're loved by all the time and work you put into making the shower special. As if that wasn't enough, I also love the diaper cake you made and look forward to using all of the little goodies you added to it!

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