Essentials For The Baby On The Way

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How well have you prepared for the arrival of your first baby? Your baby will be here in a few months, but you still don't have a clue as to how to set up a nursery for the new arrival.

It had gotten very overwhelming for me; the mental stress of having the first baby coupled with the newly imposed physical restrictions due to pregnancy just felt too much to cope with.

However, thanks to the great birthing classes I took in Gilbert Arizona, I had much control over myself because I knew I could handle it all – the classes had given me great confidence.

All I needed were the perfect things to set up the perfect little room for my soon-to-be-arriving little angel. Shopping online was an option which I gladly preferred over visiting the stores in person. Select, order and Voila! It was delivered well in time – all from the comforts of my cozy living room. All the expecting moms would know how convenient that can be.

A place for the baby to sleep – The first few weeks can be done away with by using just a bassinet or a cradle. Eventually, you will need a crib. US safety regulations for cribs became mandatory after 1991, so make sure the crib you select to buy was made after that.


Something comfortable for you to sit on – You will be spending a lot of time with the baby in your arms – either feeding or just cuddling. Be nice to your back and get a comfortable chair. I enjoyed a rocking chair which also helped in putting the baby back to sleep each time the little fellow decided to remind me of his existence!

The baby needs changing – It is easier to change a sleeping infant on the floor. But as my son grew older, he became more fidgety, and so, I felt the need for a stand or a dresser. I had to go out to get one from a store which had a vast collection of baby furniture in Gilbert Arizona. Why not get it beforehand?

Bookshelves – Use these to keep the bedtime stories and that collection of lullabies which even you find soothing.

Toy storage – It is necessary to prevent that clutter because of all those colorful toys. Don't ask me how it feels to step on a toy rattle in the middle of the night.

Crib sheets – Between diaper accidents and spit-ups, you will be changing more sheets than a five star hotel. Get a few sheets at least.

Hamper – Babies tend to make a lot of laundry. A hamper helps in moving that laundry to and fro for the already exhausted parent.

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