Dos And Don39ts Of Potty Training Your Child

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Parents would agree that toilet training their children is important and yet many are unsure what the right age is for staring the training. To begin with there is no specific right age for the same. Not all kids are same and therefore, the right age for toilet training will also vary.

The training process should be gradual – keeping pace with your child's development. Knowing when your child is ready for the training is very important. Some kids learn sooner but others may take longer to develop the understanding. Girls tend to learn faster than boys, respectively 29 months and 31 months. But at the end readiness of your child is the most important factor.

Some signs that your child is ready to be potty trained are:

  • Ability to walk to the bathroom or pull down pants all by herself when needed
  • Developing understanding of toilet related words and ability to communicate when to go
  • Ability to express through facial expression/ gestures when to urinate
  • Showing interest on toilet and how others are using it

Encourage your child but never push him until he is ready to be trained. Patience is the key. Forcing your child will end in their resisting your effort making it wholesome a bad business. Often it comes naturally to kids and sometimes it may take several weeks and many accidents before the task is finally accomplished.

Growing a habit is very important. It will also set their body clock. Another thing to remember is that even when a child is potty trained and doesn't require diaper during day time they may still need it during night to avoid accidental cases of bedwetting.

You can now shop for cute training potties, these are colorful and bright and sometime come in the shape of your child's favorite cartoon character, for your child. These are often the best and the safest ways to get your child comfortable in using it. Start by putting the potty in convenient location such as living room. This way it will look less intimidating.

Put your child on training pants. These are specially manufactured to help kids learn wet from dry and when it is the time to go.

Toilet training is a parental milestone. Many parents get worried if their children don't learn to go to the toilet when they have to go before reaching their second birthday. But don't panic if your child doesn't learn it faster. Try to take things easy and help your child learn through encouragement and support.

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