Do You Pay Attention On These Aspects When Developing Baby Intelligence

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Touch your kids and whether they laugh or not

According to research, touching is necessary for every people, including both adults and children. For example, among adults, they always shake hands and embrace each other. As for little babies, it is more important because it not only develop babies' tactile sense to promote their growth, but also pass the love from parents so that they would have the good emotional experience and healthy state of mind. In short, it is the excellent means of parent-child communication. By the way, when touching babies, parents mush wash hands, remove rings, batches and the other ornaments so as not to scratch the children. And the touching time should not be too long, three or four minutes would be better.

Wonderful music make your baby smarter

All the parents hope their children are the smarter ones so that in the early time, they pay more attention to develop babies' good sense of hearing, which is very beneficial to the improvement of their language skill and intelligence development. As usual, the normal infants are able to hear the sound around them after born. In daily life, parents should talk to babies with gentle ways and it is better to speak repeatedly so that a large number of linguistic information can be stored in their brain. Little babies are more likely to hear the children songs with short, distinctive and cheerful rhythm so that parents can play for them. However, the auditory sense training time should not be too long and above all the volume should not be too louder.

Enjoy the world and make kids know more knowledge

The eyesight of the newborn infant is too weak so that they are only able to see the things close to them. With their development, when they are three months old, they are able to see thing clearly about five or six meters away. Later on, they are able to see the things in the long distance. Therefore the visual training should be gradual. Based on the research, babies are more sensitive to the distinctive colors, especially red, because colorful things can stimulate baby's interest.

Make babies have the strong body

When doing sports, it not only makes children become more healthy and stronger, but also helps them develop comprehensive sensory abilities and cultivate a good sense of direction and balance. Under such circumstance, little kids are so bright and lively. However, parents should know that the amount of exercise should be moderate.

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