Common Myths Surrounding Nanny Agencies In New York City

Additional Information:

Many families avoid visiting a local nanny agency in New York City and prefer to find someone through advertisements in the New York City newspapers or through contacts.

What Are These Myths?

Nannies cost more – This is not true. Agencies do not charge extra as it would be against their morals. They have a placement fee only if the family decides to go ahead with their choice. Agencies usually provide well qualified nannies who have at least a 3 year contract. The nannies come with a guarantee so the placement fee is worth it.

Salaries are decided by the agency – Nannies that apply to the agency already come with a previous salary history and salary expectation. The agency has nothing to do with what the nanny charges. Therefore it is no point blaming the agency if a nanny charges really high. She has probably worked with the wealthy in NYC and is well qualified for the job. Or she just has good contacts with other nannies in your area and knows how much an average nanny in your area charges.

Agencies will try to work out a higher salary with you just so they can get a higher placement fee – The placement fee does depend on the nannies annual salary but trusted agencies will always try to find you a nanny who is well within your budget. Nanny agencies in New York City usually provide full confession on how much percentage is the placement fee and how much the nanny would charge. Ultimately it is left for the nanny to decide if she agrees to the family's offer.

Agencies are a waste of time – Most people believe that they can find a good nanny themselves without having to go through the hassle of an agency. This may be true in certain cases where nannies have been used throughout the family and they can probably hire the same one. But usually this is not possible, even through advertisements, to look up the resumes, interviewing every single potential candidate is a bigger hassle.

Why Should You Choose To Go Through A Nanny Agency In New York City?

They are faster. They work well if you work well with them. Let them know your exact thoughts and requirements. Agencies provide trustworthy, well qualified nannies who would fulfill your child's needs. The only problem you might go through is to choose out of the many skillful nannies.

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