Cleaning Your Baby39s Mouth

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Oral care and hygiene is important not only for adults, but also for your little baby. Paying close attention to a baby's dental care is something that not many parents realize. Keeping his/her teeth clean may not always be easy. Little kids clamp the jaws shut and persuading them to open the mouth is really a difficult task to achieve. But, a routine established in early life can make things easier and simpler later on.

Good dental care should start from birth

Small kid's mouth can be cleaned using a soft, damp washcloth to remove milk residues from gums. This regular cleaning habit from an early age will help them get accustomed to this procedure and they will not object if you introduce them to baby's 1st Toothbrush.

Toothbrush should find a way with the eruption of the first tooth and you should begin cleaning it very carefully. Twice a day cleaning routine is perfectly fine. As you might know that the sugar in milk is converted into acid by the naturally occurring bacteria in your baby's mouth. The enamel of the baby's milk is highly prone to damage by this acid. Regular cleaning using a soft toothbrush tackles this problem efficiently.

It is not that because the milk will fall down, you don't have to clean them carefully. Actually, taking good care of baby's milk teeth is crucial to ensure healthy permanent teeth. It is the milk teeth that reserve the spaces for permanent teeth and ensure their space to grow later. If the baby teeth fall out due to any problem, it can cause shifting of permanent teeth. This can also cause orthodontic problems in your baby, leading to speech problems. Also, any infection at an early stage can cause the infections to spread deeper into gums.

Get a good quality baby's brush

Taking note of your baby's soft gums, it is important to buy a good toothbrush. Get a brush with long handle and a small head with very soft bristles. The design should be easy to hold and should reach all areas of your baby's mouth. Prefer to change a brush every 10 to 12 weeks, when the filaments become splayed.

Specially designed infant toothbrush is also available that you can choose with the help of a pediatric dentist. Toothbrush of this type offer protection to the soft gums of your baby.

Online stores where you can find bottle buddy, toys and other baby products can be the best place to look for your baby's 1st toothbrush. Don't delay in finding the best oral care toothbrush for your little one.

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