Choosing The Right Baby Monitor For Your Home

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If you are a new parent you may not have had time to give thought to what type of baby monitor will work best for you. Perhaps your newborn is the youngest of three and you would like to update your existing system. Choosing the right baby monitor can be confusing, so here are some top tips on what you should look out for. The radio frequency is the most important part of a baby monitor. If you live in a quiet location then a lower frequency model should not cause you any problems but in a town or city you may experience interference from other transmission devices such as police and emergency signals. Some manufacturers have combated this issue by using a higher frequency and scrambler functions to minimise interference.

Although these models will cost a little more it is a worthwhile investment if you live in an area where this is likely to be a problem. Another frequency feature you may want to look out for is a two-way baby monitor that enables the parent to talk back to the child and help them get back to sleep. More advanced two-way models even incorporate video displays that can send images back to the receiver using a digital wireless signal. For extra peace of mind you could think about purchasing a monitor that includes motion sensors to warn the parent when the baby stops moving for more than twenty seconds. This clever technology works using high-speed microprocessors that detect movement when placed under a sleeping baby. At a more basic level it always pays to check for features such as battery life and noise control.

Some baby monitors will flash a warning signal when the battery power is running low while other models offer nothing at all meaning you will have to regularly check for power otherwise you could be left unaware that you are using a device that is not even working. Volume control is worth considering for those occasions when you have friends or other family members round to your home. There are certain models available that also allow you to switch from a sound warning to a flashing light. Whether you are looking for simple sound activated baby monitor or a state of the art motion sensitive warning system with high definition video it always pays to choose a high quality device. This way you can relax knowing that you will be alerted as soon as your child becomes distressed or upset.

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