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You have to hand it to them, celebrities are pretty good at coming up with unusual names for their offspring (is there some incredible baby naming agent we don't know about?).Among the celebrity baby names 2012 so far we've had comedian Frank Skinner calling his new baby son Buzz Cody, Jessica Simpson being creative with Maxwell Drew, Stacey Solomon introducing us to Leighton Riley and Jason Batemen picking a honey of a name for his little girl – Maple.

Not many celebrities choose a relatively normal name although Hugh Grant (Tabitha) Amanda Holden (Hollie) James Corden (Max) and Piers Morgan (Elise) have gone for more normal options.

But among the celebrity baby names 2012 raising eyebrows are Peaches Geldof's (Astala) Billie Piper and Laurence Fox's (Eugene Pip) and Jessica Alba's (Haven Garner Warren). Billie's first born was called Winston so it was to be expected that offspring number two would have an equally unusual name.

Beyonce and Jay-Z went weird but cute with Blue Ivy while Donal MacIntyre and Sarah Cawood both called their new sons Hunter.

Mariah Carey's twins are now a year old so we've all got used to Monroe and Moroccan Scott (apparently called Roc and Roe for short). Although it's still confusing as to which is the girl and which is the boy (Monroe is the girl).

But why do celebrities find it so necessary to give their children such unusual names? Surely it can't just be to ensure some more column inches in the papers?

Some are borderline cruel!

What was Alicia Silverstone thinking when she called her daughter Bear Blu? Imagine what other kids will call her at school. And is Egypt really a suitable name for a baby? Well Alicia Keys thought so. But then is it so different from India? And there are lots of little Indias around these days.

And is being named after a country any worse than being given a granny name? How about Ethel (chosen by Lily Allen and Sam Cooper) or Mabel Ray (by Bruce Willis).

The jury is still out on several other celebrity baby names 2012: Xander (January Jones) Covey (Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker) Luca Cruz (Hilary Duff).

But when talking about baby names there are a few outstanding celebrity baby names which actually go back a few years but are still so worth a mention.

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