Can Baby Safe Teething Jewellery Also Be Fashionable

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Teething jewellery products has come of age in Australia over the last few years. With more and more Australian mums opting for baby teethe jewellery than ever before, the market is poised for a rapid growth in the coming years. However, some mums do have some questions on teethe jewellery such as whether they can be fashionable. The answer is a loud “Yes!”

Teething jewellery come in different designs and forms such as necklaces, pendants and bangles. Teething beads used in necklaces, pendants and bangles are BPA free and phthalate free and are perfectly safe for babies to chew.

The teething pendants come in different attractive designs, including heart pendants, jigsaw pendants and Koala pendants. As far as the necklaces are concerned, Australian mums can choose from fashionable designs like Abacus teething necklaces, 7 pebble necklaces, flat bead necklaces and tribal wear necklaces. These necklaces are not only attractive and fashionable, but also act as a non-toxic alternative to traditional jewellery. These necklaces would not only solve the babies teethe problem, but also provide a chic look to mums.

Teething jewellery is very soft on baby's gums as they are made out of food grade silicone that are free from BPA, Phthalates and cadmium. This teething bling is made in accordance to the Australian Safety standards AS/NZS ISO 8124. Teething beads used in teethe jewellery stops the growth of fungus and bacteria. None of the beads used in teething jewellery can be detached by babies, as are they are secured firmly. This teething bling can be easily washed and maintained by washing in a dishwasher.

Teething jewellery comes in different attractive colours, and can be worn by women of different age groups. Some of the colours available for selection include indigo, lilac, raspberry, black, azure, turquoise, smoke, cream and snow. One can also look for teething jewellery in combinational colours such as grey candy, indigo lilac and raspberry lime.

This fashionable jewellery can also be provided as a gifting option in the form of gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are available in different denominations in the form of $30, $45 and $100. Australian mums can browse through the exhaustive selection of teething necklaces, pendants and bangles online. Each and every is unique in nature and come with a limited period.

Providers of teethe jewellery also provide online subscription options to its customers. By adding one's email address to the mailing list, customers will receive information on sale offers, new models released, and offers related to shipping. Offer messages will be directly sent to the subscriber mailbox some two to three days before the actual offer period commences.

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