Buying Nappies Know About The Different Types Available

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Being a parent is one of the most wonderful feelings. However, welcoming the little one in the world also means added responsibilities. Extra care has to be taken to ensure that your little one is comfortable at all times. Among all other things, did you know that diapers are one of the most important items and are absolutely important to ensure that your child is at ease?

There are various types of nappies available in the market. And to get the one that is well-suited for your baby, it's important that you have an idea about the different options available in the market. The most common ones being used are the 'all in ones'. These are the easiest to use as can be cleaned, dried and put on in one piece. Some also have a pocket in them that let these enlarge easily. The only drawback with these is that sometimes these might take very long to dry!

The next type is the pocket nappies. These are very comfortable ones with a water-resistant outer with either a suede cloth or fleece liner attached to the cover to keep baby dry. These have a “pocket” opening where you can stuff the absorbent layers. These are very adaptable as you can add more stuffing for a heavy wetter, long journey or overnight. These are available in various sizes and you can opt for the one that best meets the requirements.

The next in line are the two part ones. These are absorbent and are shaped like a disposable. These are made from various materials including terry, bamboo, hemp, microfiber and velour. These are tied either with aplix, snaps or nippa nappa. These also come in various sizes. If you are planning to use these, then, remember to use a paper or fleece liner to keep baby dry and as these are not waterproof.

Along with these, there are also flat nappies, which come in two types; prefolds and terry squares. The former ones are those, which are used by many nappy laundering companies. These are basically flat and have three sections to it. The centre part has more layers of cotton for absorbency. These are preferred as these can be folded in different ways depending whether the baby is a newborn or a boy or girl. A fleece or paper liner is advisable to keep baby dry.

The other type is the Terry Squares. These are available in various variations. They can be made of organic cotton or bamboo that stays nice and soft and is it is flat dries quite quickly. These are available for babies and kids of various ages. These are few of the nappies available in the market. There are many more and if you are planning to buy one for your little one, make sure you buy the one that best meets his needs and keeps him at ease and relaxed all through the day.

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