Britax BAgile Travel System Stroller

Additional Information:

I want to make my sister a gift since she is a new mom I thought a baby stroller that is what every new mom needs. After I researched several specialty sites and read countless reviews I decided to buy Britax b agile travel system stroller and it seems that it was the perfect choice because my sister uses it for almost a month and she is crazy about it.

I wanted a baby stroller that is not heavy and easy to maneuver and it looks like I found what I sought.

I got this strollers because i wanted something very nice that didnt obviously appear to be a kids stroller with mickey mouse all over it stuff like that. I like the sophiscated style of this stoller. It's very easy to put together I was able to put it together without the help of the directions it came with very easy to maneuver around. Comfortable my nice falls asleep in this thing after 10 minutes in everytime she loves her stroller. The basket is not big enough to place a diaper bag which is the only down part to it.I just use the back pockets to place couple of her things and its fine I love that this stoller is easy to fold and fold out when you need it. It took couple of tries on me figuring it out but now I have it down packed and I can fold it with one hand and carry it with one hand as well it is light weight. Over-all I would recommend this stroller it is very stylish and I get compliements on it.

Besides the fact that it is a light weight it is made from high quality materials and is very comfortable for the baby, plus it's a stroller that can travel long distances without problems it manages very well on asphalt and even on grass or bumpy ground .

I highly recommend this stroller is not very expensive and that's why I decided to buy accessories for it like the car seat and cup holder.

Here are some technical details about these strollers and hope you do not waste too much time looking for a perfect stroller because this is what you are looking for.

Technical Details

Item Weight – 20.8 pounds

Product Dimensions – 38.2 x 22.8 x 40.5 inches

Maximum weight recommendation – 55 Pounds

One hand quick fold design

& Go integrated adapter system works with Britax infant car seats, Also compatible with other major infant car seat brands When used with Britax infant car seat adapter (sold separately)

Light weight aluminum frame (16.5 pounds total weight)

3 wheel design provides Improved steering and maneuverability

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