Best Activities For Infants

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During the first 18 months of their development, babies are slowly learning to speak, walk and mimic their parents expressions. At this early stage, they need to be engaged in various activities for infants that are not only fun and entertaining but allow them to use their analytical and intellectual mind. Even though it might seem unbelievable, this is the time when babies first begin to showcase their motor and problem-solving skills, as well as speech and emotional intelligence.

It is crucial to take advantage of the natural interest infants have towards the world as a whole, and stimulate them to explore new feelings and sensations. Specialists claim that LSRW (Listen Speak Read Write) technique is the best teaching method for an infant. Sometimes, a baby might need more time to respond to the newly introduced actions but over time he/ she will learn to mimic your movements and get used to the new stuff.

Sound Activities for Babies

The most important thing you ought to know about sound activities is that they will help your little angel identify the sound and its source. Usually, sound activities for infants include calling out the baby, takling to him/ her and whispering soothing tones.

As you can see, all those are things a parent does without even realising their significance for the future development of the infant. Additionally, playing songs to the baby, even before it is born, is a great idea. Researches show that some kids recognize and associate the sounds they have heard when very young. Make sure the music is soothing and and soft toned.

Visual Activities for Infants

Visual activities are probably the most important ones. They help your little angel acquire basic understanding of colours and the concept of like and dislike. It is easy to introduce visual exercises to the baby's daily routine by using mobiles, adding various hanging objects to the playpen, and naturally showing him/ her colourful baby books.

However, you mustn't forget that everything your infant comes in contact with like toys, books and other objects has to be thoroughly sanitized. Cleaners Ringwood suggest using special disinfectant wipes for everyday cleaning. Additionally, you can conduct a deep cleaning after a play-date with other babies. Then applying bleach-water or vinegar-water solution is the best method.

Touch Activities for Babies

This type of activities are vital for strengthening the bone system of the child as well as developing his/ her muscles. They can have various alternatives starting with massages through gently bouncing the baby on your lap to kicking soft toys. Since the baby is constantly moving his/ her arms and legs, it is only normal that at the end of the day he/ she will feel some pain from the fatigue. This is when massages will help relief the infant, and put him/ her to sleep easily.

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