Bedding For The Baby

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Shopping for a baby can be an extremely fun as well as an arduous task. The sheer amount of things to buy goes hand in hand with the delightful patters, colours and accessories that the parents have access to. And cinching the whole nursery together with just the right kind of bedding, one that compliments the wall paint and the furniture, is indeed a most rewarding process.

Nursery bedding or specifically crib bedding comes in many different colours and patterns. Though many parents buy it in keeping with the theme or colour scheme of the nursery the most important aspect to keep in mind before buying the bedding is the material it is made of. As the baby's skin is sensitive, synthetic materials can irritate its skin causing it discomfort. Thus it is preferable to buy as close to 100% Cotton, which is light and soft against the baby's skin.

Nursery Bedding includes the crib sheets, which should fit firmly into the crib, be sure to have at least three crib sheets and machine washable ones as they are likely to get dirty nearly everyday due to leakages, spit-up etc. and laundry might not be a daily option. Most baby bedding sets include bumper pads, but it is highly advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics amongst others to not use them due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a phenomenon said to be linked with the use of bumpers. It is also advisable to not use the blankets that come with the bedding, or any blankets or lose sheets around the baby, in the early months, all to prevent the risk of SIDS.

Now a days nursery bedding in its co-ordinated form includes curtains and drapes as well and once ago enhance the chosen theme of the nursery. It is important while choosing such accents that they are not only pleasing to the eye but also in shades that are soothing for the baby. It is advisable to stay away from harsh bold colours and stick to calming shades such as blue or in warmer tones light yellow and light orange. The price of the bedding varies depending on both the number of accessories as well as the brand you choose. The bedding can be bought off the shelves or even custom made according to your own specifications and details. It is also worth a shot to check out online baby bedding stores as they often have designs not found in stores.

Planning for the baby is indeed a joy and can even help relieve stress in expecting mothers and is a chance for parents to start cultivating their baby's personality by filling its environment with certain stimuli. But it is essential to remember that safety is most important and all bedding should be bought with this in mind.

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